August 14, 2009

Enrichment Meeting "How to be a 10 Cow Woman"

In case you are not sure what a 10-cow woman is: It is a reference to a movie titled "Johnny Lingo" in which a Hawaiian (hence the tropical theme) young men desires to increase the self esteem of his future bride by paying far too much to receive her hand in marriage. Often a quality wife went for 4 or 5 cows but he chose to pay 10 cows for his wife Mohana. As a result she BECAME a beautiful woman, living up to his views of her worth.
The date is set for Saturday, August 29th, 6pm at the stake center. To get you in the mood, come wearing your grass skirts & leis!! Seriously-you don’t want to miss this night, we have fun & enriching things planned for you. This is a perfect night to invite & bring a friend. Come enjoy a night off with dinner served & babysitting provided. We will have door prizes too!! In case that doesn't appeal to are a few more reasons:
TOP 10 reasons to attend Enrichment night:

1) Your husband COULD do the dishes while you are gone.

2) You won’t have to answer the phone.

3) You won’t have to be the referee for the children.

4) You won’t have to help with the homework and embarrass yourself because you don’t know the answers.

5) You get to leave your husband with the children.

6) Your husband will appreciate you more when you get home! (see #5)

7) Adult conversation!

8) FREE FOOD (It bears repeating) It might include chocolate.

9) You can learn new things to apply at home.

10) You get to see who is new in the ward!

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